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[IP] Re:REchecking #'s (also meter comparison)

<< double-checking the #'s that seem way out there is
 sometimes a good idea. >>

Hi Sammy,
Thank you for mentioning that.  The CDE has told us that many times and 
sometimes we do.  This time he was obviously very low so there was no way I 
was going to wait to do another check!  As for overcompensating a low -- 
eating while still feeling low, Yes I'm sure he has done that some too and 
maybe he did this time. But his first treatment was 4 glucose tabs - since he 
still felt low and it was time for his regular bedtime snack, he went ahead 
and had a 4 oz juice box also.  So that didn't seem too bad -- The CDE 
actually recommends about 30 grams of fast acting carbs when he is super low 
(I would consider 45 to be in that range).  He had been bouncing on the 
trampoline and playing hard for awhile so figured those numbers could easily 
continue to drop.  Anyway he ate a grilled cheese sandwhich for his bedtime 
snack (30 carbs + a protein).  This whole "diabetes thing" is just too 
maddening.  Let's just go get a cure!  Meanwhile, I will try to remember that 
sometimes we need to retest to make sure the reading is accurate.   
Today I did an experiment with 3 different meters.
I lined up the Dex, One Touch Profile and the Accu Check.  Then I poked my 
finger and got enough blood from the one drop to do all three tests.  I did 
the One Touch first since it requires the most blood.  The results were:  
OneTouch - 93, Dex 94 and Accu Check 113.  I believe the AccuCheck measures 
Grand-mom to Cory
age 10 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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