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Subject: [IP] Exercise - Eat more sooner AND less later?

Exercise requires more fuel which is initially glucose taken from the blood.
This will lower blood sugar in the short run.

Exercise also increases the efficiency of the available insulin. This effect
can last from 24 to 36 hours.

There are two approaches:

1. Increase carbohydrate - may increase weight
2. Decrease insulin - may decrease weight

or a combination of the two.

It is important to test frequently before, during and after exercise.  I
when cycling test every 45 minutes or whenever I feel too good or too bad.

Feeling good can be the high that kicks in after sustained exercise that
could also be the lightheadedness that is a sign of low blood sugar.

Feeling bad could be sign of high or low blood sugar or dehydration.

Another problem is that low blood sugar can precipitate a release glycogen
from the liver that will raise blood sugar rapidly.

Every one will react somewhat differently to exercise as we do with any
other activity.  The best recommendation I can give is test,  test your
blood sugars until you are able to better understand your own reaction to

When and what to eat will depend on your beginning blood sugar, the
intensity of the exercise, the duration of the exercise and your physical

The general recommendation is not start exercise with a blood sugar of over
250 to 300.

    _`\<,_   Irv
   (_)/ (_)

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