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[IP] insulin lasting in reservoirs - 3 days? +?

< I have always been told 3 days.>

Saw some posts asking about site changes (3 days ++++) and wanted to share a 
thought. My sites last 3 or 4 days. Have been on pump since Feb. 2000 and was 
told to change 2-3 days. I think brand newbies should follow the protocol 
(Dr. instructions), just to be safe. And by 4 days I have to change because 
it just starts to itch and bother me (lugging my toddler around seems to wear 
down my sites).

2-3 days are recommended to be cautious. New pumpers MAY be running high bg 
before pump and infections are associated with higher bg. This was my 
experience. My bg are much better now. It is probably not good to say a brand 
new pumper can go a week without a change. I think some people are more prone 
to infection and new pumpers need to go slow . An infection during the first 
month of pumping would really discourage someone. 

Nothing wrong with either approach (less frequent sites means less markings 
on the bod and those good sites are sooo nice.) Either must done carefully 
and with knowledge of how one's body responds. 

Just my humble and neurotic opinion,
Beth H.

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