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re: [IP] What a day!!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful letters!  I really appreciate your support sooo much!  We did end up relieving some of the stress that afternoon by going to the mall and having lunch!  We walked through Victoria Secret and laughed and giggled (5 kids, 2 boys and 3 girls, ages 3 to 10 in Victoria Secret really IS funny!  LOL)!  We had the BEST lunch and had fun looking at the stores!  

Kristina is 10 and is the oldest of 5, which is pressure by itself!  She has been doing really well the last few days but there have been several highs for no apparent reason!  She's lost 2 pounds since April so I'm not sure if she's in a growth spurt or what!  Maybe she is!  These higher amounts of insulin though sure do make a difference!  She's had several lows so when I call the doc tomorrow, I expect he'll lower some of the amounts!  

Yes I usually do leave the other kids with a sitter... but during school, I didn't need to drop off 4 of them all at once with a sitter!  Next month school starts again so we can get back to a normal routine and that will help!

I guess I do blame myself alot though cause I see all my mistakes!  I take alot on myself cause I think 10 is still too young to load alot of responsibility on Kristina... although she IS very responsible!  And most of the time, I can handle it all and take it in stride!  Sometimes though, it REALLY gets to me!  I began thinking of what life would REALLY be like without diabetes and could envision it so clearly, I just wanted to scream!  It's soooo frustrating to be so close but know that it'll be many years yet before Kristina has the choice to participate in any of the trials going on now!  Even one day without diabetes would be heaven!

Anyway, thanks everyone for listening!  I just needed to vent alittle and things are getting better now!  We'll just get back on track and keep plugging away!!

((((HUGS)))) to all of you!


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