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Re: [IP] Re: Whats VELOSULIN like ??????

Velosulin is a regular insulin which has been available for years before
Lispro. It is known as a buffered insulin for pump use as the buffering
would help prevent crystallization in the infusion line. It's now called
Novolin BR and has the word 'Velosulin'above it.
   Because people have had a better outcome with the super rapid acting
insulin Lispro/Humalog, they are using this more and more in their
pumps. The velosulin has the same characteristics of Regular in the 1/2
hour lag time instead of Humalog's 5-15 minute action.

Jenny S.

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am new to this site. I use Humalog insulin. Is velosulin a new type of
> insulin that is used with the pump?
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