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[IP] Let's put this dog to rest! From Steve Ponder, posted by on of the Admins

I've been reading all the opinions and feelings flying back and forth. I
was originally thrust into this discussion by a partial quote attributed
to me in the new Pumping Insulin book referring to one of many analogies
I use to attempt to explain the responsibility associated with the pump
with a young person. I don't use it to discourage pump use. After all,
I'm a pumper myself ( since 1983)! If I wanted to discourage the pump, I
could find far better ways to do that!

Like many (if not all) of you, I'm ready for the "barking" to die down.
I've sent Michael a detailed explanation of my position and why I do
what I do. He may choose to post it... his call. Needless to say, to
paraphrase one sympathetic respondent: "I'm one of you"! I wouldn't be
part of this discussion if I didn't have strong feelings in favor of the
pump and its virtues. As a pediatric endocrinologist caring for kids who
have heard only certain things about the pump, I must provide all sides
of the argument as a child and family weigh their options. As you know,
many come in with preconceptions, some I can affirm and others that I
must correct. Most people who frequent this site are ardent pump
supporters, so the "crowd" is a tough one, no doubt about it. I've said
before that the health care profession has a long way to go to be
educated. In that regard, I'll be speaking to a large group of health
professionals in Laredo, Texas in 2 days about the pump and it's use in
adults and children. I could downplay the responsibility aspect and
discuss only the wonderful things a pump can do, but that would not be
fair. Patients ask me about the side effects of medicines I prescribe
and if they don't, then I give them a brief rundown of what to expect. I
can't think of a medical therapy comparable to the pump that carries no
"risk", "cost" or "obligation" (whichever term you feel best applies).
Our use of "loaner" pumps help emphasize these points I discuss and a
few kids do choose to wait, hopefully to start later. I'm happy to say
that most go on and stay on. I've only had 2 pump discontinuations in
the past 50 starts. I'm pretty happy with that. One's relationship with
the pump, like a pet, is an emotional one. But like a cherished  pet, it
must be nurtured and given respect. I hope you see that point of view.

Now, I hope I can put this old dog to rest once and for all.

Steve Ponder MD, CDE

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