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[IP] Problems with Bgs....

I've been having problems with bgs being around the 200 mark for a few days
now.  Times when my bgs would be fine are now running around 200 (during the
night, mornings...etc.).  I'm getting a little frustrated and guess I'm just
not understanding what can cause a rise in bgs and what to do about it.
I've had some work stress, but not enough to make things go this wacky... my
higher than normal (for me) bgs are making me stressed also.  This has been
going on for the last four days or so, I don't think I'm in the process of
getting sick since I think I would have symptoms by now (and I rarely ever
get sick, last cold I had was... let's see about 3 or 4 years ago).  I
changed my cartridge which caused my bgs to drop back down for a day or so,
then the next day, wham, right back up again.  I think my insulin should be
lasting more than 24 hours... don't know what to do this morning, 2 am test
was 204, took 2u bolus, morning was 194... hmmm not much change there for
having taken 2u!  Took an extra 2u with breakfast, ate a light breakfast and
bolused normal for the food (about 7/1), after breakfast was 220...  This is
getting worse than shots anyday!  Seems my bg just wants to do what it wants
to do no matter what I do.  Site was new yesterday, can't be changing sites
everyday either or I'll run out of spots real quick.  Using Tenders and have
been happy with them, but just seems that since the weather here in Michigan
has become hotter and more humid, then up go my bgs.  I've always had a
problem with heat in the past.  Beginning to think I need to look at raising
my basals, but will talk with the doctor's office today and see what they
think.  I'm getting real frustrated these days.

On a pleasanter note... took Max swimming yesterday and he did just fine.
Put his little red swimsuit (tappet) on him, stuck him down in my suit and
off we went.  Turns out he's a real good swimmer... :o)

RoseLea and Max...

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