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[IP] Glass cartridges or RE: Survey

Richard, I'm glad you've asked. I've been waiting for  an excuse to comment
on the glass cartridges in case the information could be of use to someone
   Until about two weeks ago, I'd never used anything but the plastic
cartridges in my Disetronic H-TRONplus. Out of curiosity, when it came time
to restock my supply, I asked them to throw in a glass cartridge so I could
see what it was like to use one.
    Boy, could I see.  I was an instant convert to glass. I sent back my
unopened box of plastics to have them replaced with glass.
   The two main reasons I liked the glass are:
 1) the plunger rod didn't keep falling off as it always did with maddening
frequency every time I try to fill a plastic cartridge. In fact, there is no
looseness whatsoever between the plunger rod and the glass cartridge and
there is no way it is going to disengage until one wants it to.
 2) It is really easy to detect any bubbles in the glass cartridge. I had a
hard time seeing them through the plastic ones. (This may be of no concern
to you if you don't have any impairment in your ability to see detail. I'm
past the age of 38 so reading an aspirin bottle is a challenge X^P  )

Of course the glass has its downfalls too. It hurts the fingernail more when
you snap it against the side of a glass cartridge to dislodge a bubble. It
has no markings to guide you if you are trying to fill it exactly half full.
Also, at the moment, a box of 25 plastic cartridges costs $75 and a box of
25 glass cartridges costs $82 (From Disetronic. Prices may vary depending
where you supply from)


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