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Re: [IP] survey about catridge filling

On 4 Jul 00, at 19:43, WENDY wrote:
> > >Disetronic
> > >Glass Cartridges
> > >Fill 2 1/2 carts from each bottle of insulin

> > You only get 2 1/2 cartridges out of a bottle?  I get and perfect 3
> > cartridges per bottle.
> > Brian Carter

> I also use glass and get an even three per vial of insulin
> Wendy (mom to Greg, 13, dx'd Dec 98, D Pump October 99)

There is supposed to be 1000 ml in an insulin bottle so you should 
get 3 x 315ml cartridges and 55 ml left in the bottle.  Of course this 
assumes that you are ONLY putting 315 ml in those cartridges.  
I've seen a thread in the past about Lilly short-filling Humalog 
bottles.  Has anyone else experienced this?    


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