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re: Back in my day, was: Re: [IP] Time To Change!!!

Sam and Bob reminisced:

>Well, back in my day... we used lancets until the tip became totally flat. 
>We used to buy them one at a time and we were glad to get them. If we 
>couldn't get them at the store, we used to make our own by grinding down 
>slivers of tin cans with a file. :-)


<Ahhh ... the good ole' days. We used to make our own lancets just like 
<this, often after walking 10 miles to school - through 3 feet of snow - 
<barefoot. We'd stop at Farmer Jones' place on the way home, visit the hog 
<pen and cook up a batch of insulin. Yup - those were the days, all righty

C'mon, guys--you left out that the 10 mile trip to school (in the snow,
barefoot) was uphill both ways!  

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming

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