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Re: [IP] Time To Change!!!

I'm sorry, some people want to feel helpful and answer questions. I know
that 'off-topic' and all isn't cool all the time, so, sometimes the list
serves as a place where we can voice our suggestions and offers of help. 
   Some people have real concerns to themselves which are too often
"brushed off" by the doctors and this may be the only place the people
can offer a hand, voice a concern, and with the size of the membership
maybe it can't be as compcact as you seem to want it to be.
   I hope you enjoy that "black Cow" I have them too and they're great.
Jenny S. 

email @ redacted wrote:
> lackidaycial<   Lackadazical 

> Must we continue on the same threads for ever?  It seems there are so so many
> responses to questions and problems which occur which is wonderful but here I
> sit for hrs. reading the same advice in each letter.  We have been throwing
> around this meter comparisons thing for dozens and dozens of letters and with
> the exact same responses.
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