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Re: [IP] Time To Change!!!

George: I just have to tell you.  After all this nit-picking about bolusing 
.5 to get a BG from 125 to 115 (or whatever it was), is was a joy to chuckle 
over your lancet reminder change.  I really never wanted to admit my 
lackidaycial (sp?) attitude about the lancets.  Now, like all the rest of 
you, I have hundreds hidden away in drawers, baskets, boxes, etc., yet why is 
it that we just hate to take the time to do it.  I have even used them until 
all they did was bounce off my finger tips.  In fact, even when pressed 
firmly upon the tips, the poker bounced off and actually flew out the window! 
 Believe it or not! 
Anyway, this is kinda long but let me add a couple more cents to my 2 cents 
while I am at it.  
Must we continue on the same threads for ever?  It seems there are so so many 
responses to questions and problems which occur which is wonderful but here I 
sit for hrs. reading the same advice in each letter.  We have been throwing 
around this meter comparisons thing for dozens and dozens of letters and with 
the exact same responses.  Ok, ok, I will stop griping and go have another 
"Black Cow".  You northerners know what that is, certainly! Delicious.
Jackie P    (Please don't get on me to bad about these comments)  My skin is 
thin. lol
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