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re: [IP] What a day!!

Oh Melissa, big cyberhug to you.  You do so much to help so many people.  
Glad you could come out and say "HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!"

Nothing to be ashamed about for those HIs.  Just time to re-evaluate how you 
go about making changes.  And remember, you don't have to do it all on your 
own.  That's what a professional experienced ped endo and staff are for.  If 
you see the numbers are out of target, send them the numbers and let them 
suggest the changes.    Kristina is growing and growth hormones definitely 
give us the CHALLENGE OF A LIFETIME with diabetes.  Just don't blame 
yourself.  Find what you can do to make things better.   In my opinion, if we 
can write everything down for a few days , that's a big accomplishment, and 
it is pretty telling about what's happening for those days.  That in 
combination with fasting basal checks will really give some idea of what 
needs to be changed.

Kristina should be able to snack as long as she takes the right amount of 
insulin.  You may want to try a fasting basal for the mornings on one weekend 
morning, and the afternoon another weekend day, testing hourly.  This really 
helps a lot.  So too does rewarding the child for cooperating.  Maybe rent 
her a few favorite videos and hang out at home.  It could be the basals need 
to be bumped up, not just the bolus ratio.  Remember even a small increase in 
basal can often make a big difference in a child.

It is hard to bring the other children to the doctor's office.  Just keep in 
mind one of my favorite expressions and smile and tell others "I HATE IT WHEN 
THEY ACT THEIR AGE";-).  They can't be good little soldiers all the time.  
And you shouldn't be made to feel they are "bad".  They are just kids with 
normal kid energy and sitting around waiting isn't any fun for them.  One 
thing I used to do was save PLAYDOUGH for only those times.  (Or ModelMagic 
which is so much cleaner.)  I never let them use it at home and it was a big 
treat to use it wherever we went.   I also used to buy those watercolor 
pages, where you just use water and the colors come out on the page.  That 
way if they spill a little water, it's easy to clean up.  Just don't feel 
guilty because your children didn't act like everyone else wanted them to 
act.  They are precious kids and have to just be accepted .

Diabetes is a lot of pressure on the parents and the siblings and the person 
with the diabetes.  Some of that pressure can feel relieved by knowing your 
doctor and nurses work as a team WITH you instead of accusing you of doing an 
inadequate job.  Ask for help, fax numbers, download the meter, and know it's 
NOT all up to you.  But make sure you take the time to PAT YOURSELF ON THE 
BACK for all you do each day to try to make things go well.

Good luck, love, Ellen

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