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Re: [IP] 300 units of insulin lasting in resevoirs

> Humalog was reputed to only last three days in a cartridge, but even
> here in CA I fill mine (Dise) all the way and it lasts for all week.
> My Endo, CDE, Pump reps from both and a good friend who's also an
> Biochemist at UCLA told me the insulin should remain stable...YMMV,
> but it has for me.

Excessive problems with Insulin losing potency has been a common 
thread over the years. Most of the time the cause for related 
problems blamed on the insulin is usually something else. Insulin is 
pretty tough stuff unless exposed to high temperatures for prolonged 
periods of time. I used to have a letter laying around from Ely Lilly 
giving the deterioriation rate for Insulin. Basically it said that at 
room temperature Insulin loses a percent or so of potency a MONTH. 
I've talked on the phone with their technical staff and they 
acknowledge the at elevated temperatures, the deterioration rate goes 
up exponentially, so a few hours at 120 degrees in the back of car or 
delivery van will cause trouble, but with that exception, in normal 
use, you should not normally experience any problems with insulin 

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