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[IP] time it takes for delivery

> > - Large boluses can take a while to deliver, because pump
> > can only do so many clicks in a given amount of time {{MM}}. Count
> > on just under a minute for one unit, so a 20 unit bolus would
> > take around 15 or so minutes to deliver. The Disetronic would
> > probably do 20 units in about 10 minutes (ballpark).

This is also a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) thing. I soooooo appreciate the
*slowness* that my MM 507C takes to deliver 6u (5 min.). I had a CPI #9100
and CPI #9200 Betatron II pumps that delivered so fast that a 6u bolus hurt
so much I had to break it up into 3 and 3, three min. apart.  I also
appreciate the clicks of the MM. When my BG was so low I couldn't get out of
bed to go to the fridge (duh - stuff was on/in the headboard) and had an
aura. Didn't know what my pump was for, then thought I could suspend; then
couldn't see the face of it so just figured I'd try it by memory. WRONG!  As
I stumbled down the hallway, I heard click, click, click, click, etc.!!!!!
After I got jelly and juice, I realized what was happening. I looked and had
delivered 1.9u (19 clicks)!  If I hadn't heard that, I might have infused a
bolus of 10 units. I had been pushing and pushing just figuring I had
stopped it (in my incoherency). I <3 my Bluda Sue.   You can see the CPI
#9100 monster pump accessed through my webpage where it says PHOTOS at

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