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[IP] lancets & frugality

> Well, back in my day... we used lancets until the tip became totally flat.
> We used to buy them one at a time and we were glad to get them. If we
> couldn't get them at the store, we used to make our own by grinding down
> slivers of tin cans with a file. :-)
> Sam (who now changes his lancets twice a year whether they need it or not)

Well, Sam, you must be a lot older than I. ;-)  I sure didn't want to
purchase something else that was going to stick another hole in my bod!
'Twas a real struggle to get me to condescend to TWO injections a day!! I
thought that was a GIANT step backward!! I would have gone for one a week,
or better yet, one a MONTH! But somehow was given my first lancets and have
never bought any in 18 years. I figure the 124 I have now should last me
62.5 years. *I* sure won't buy a lancing device either. I use the SoftClix
that came with my free Accu-Chek Complete and do it by *hand* for my little
purse meter. With my chronic back problem my purse is wayyyyyyy to heavy as
it is. BTW, my display of memorabilia for my 50th DM dx anniversary is going
to cover 12' with labels/descriptions. The best thing about the Good Ol'
Days is -- they're gone!   YMMV
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C, 3/99)  webpage

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