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Re: [IP] Different meter readings

> This is why *I* think it is unwise for someone to *correct* a 126 or even
> 140. What if the meter they are relying on is actually 25-35 pts. higher
> than actual? If that is the case, they would be correcting a 100 to a
> possible 75. Not good. Don't most people have a range to strive for rather
> than an impossible flatline 100?

Thank you, Jan!  I worry a lot about people when I read about correcting to
that kind of specific...it doesn't seem to take into account the kind of
natural ebb & flow of numbers that come with varying digestive times on
different types of food, exercise, hormonal changes, emotional states,
growth spurts, the phases of the moon, or the state of the economy, even as
experienced by "normal" people!  Let the voice of common sense ring through!


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