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[IP] More dog-on-a-leash stuff

> I know the "dog on a leash" analogy is just that...an analogy.  But I'm
> also getting the sense that a dog on a leash is some great, great hardship
> in life. This is what offends me about Dr. Ponder's thinking.

I think what a lot of people are missing here, is that *we* are adults and
know *all about life.* (tee hee) But how many of us have had children who
have begged for a dog, pleading that "Mom, I'll take care of it, please;
I'll clean up after it; please, I'll give it a bath; please, please,
please." If this hasn't happened to you yet, you may not know who ends up
doing the feeding, etc. I think Dr. Ponder had to get on a child's (not
adult's) level to reach their way of thinking. Some of whom he was speaking
to probably already know they did not follow through on their commitments to
their pets. Since Dr. Ponder is *one of us,* he probably didn't come up with
any other analogy that would be as effective. Perhaps we should offer a
better one so he won't be so maligned. Are the kids hollering about his
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