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Re: [IP] crack on pump

They will usually draw your attention to it, and if you're still under
warrenty, will fix it.
7 years have taught me that the batteries don't require herculean
strength to tighten, and the o-ring on each will keep water out. As long
as the battery top is flush with the case, you will be fine. Also,
remember to make sure you're putting in the batteries straight and not
'off' the thread a little. I use my fingertip to guide the battery in
and if it doesn't go easily, I reverse the turn til I feel it settle
into the compartment. Then I use my plastic "screwdriver" to turn it
  Some folks use coins and actual screwdrivers, and try to go too tight.
the cracking is a common problem at tech services, and you should be
fine when they get it, they will let you know. If you are swimming a lot
as I do, put a bit of plastic tape over the affected area and park your
pemp into a plastic baggie then fold the baggie over a time or two and
the water will not compromise the pump.

Jenny S.

William Bartram wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if someone can help me on what to do with a crack on
> my Disetronic H-Tron plus.
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