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Re: [IP] MedicAlert

> > Questions:  is it cheaper to go to a jeweler (we have the cheapie) and
> > some links put in, or get a new one altogether.

About 10 years ago when MA came out with slightly smaller designs than the
previous versions had been, I ordered a new silver one - when it came, I
really liked the look of the emblem, but hated the fit & feel of the
bracelet part.  I went to a jeweler & picked out a plain-link silver
bracelet out of their charm bracelet selection...& showed them that I wanted
the emblem inserted as the "middle piece" that would sit up on top of my
wrist when I was wearing it.  They fitted it to my wrist exactly the way I
wanted it to fit, & two days later, it was perfect - at a total cost (the
jeweler part, not MA) of $15.00!  Not only that, but when I had occasion to
need the fit changed slightly (removing or adding a link once, as weight
change decreed), that was done free of charge, since I had bought the item
*Note:  I'm not trying to sound like a fussbudget here, as far as requiring
a "perfect fit" - but I spend much of my workday playing the piano, & I
really need anything on my hands to be comfortable & not dangling too
Anyway...I'd say if you are happy with what you've got & are just looking to
have its size adjusted, checking out a jeweler might not be a bad way to
go...worked for me, at any rate!  :)


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