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Re: [IP] Re: Time to Change

On 4 Jul 00, at 11:42, Richard Aleksander wrote:

> >Disetronic recommends a semi-annual switch between pumps.
> Why?

Who knows?  It maybe like "you have to change your lancet more 
than twice a year"  ;>)      My neice just swapped out her pumps 
for the first time.  Good thing she did, the back-up turned out to not 
function.  Maybe changing them just helps to check for this?  Or 
it's sorta like rotating your tires.    ;>)

> >And don't forget, when you place your pump into storage, take out
> >BOTH of the battery sets.  Don't want to keep that clock running on
> >the unused pump.    :>)
> What effect would that have?

The clock running will count down through its 30 month lifetime.  
The countdown continues as long as there are batteries in, doesn't 
have to be actually pumping.  You use one pump for 30 months 
and the 88 alarm starts, your pump in the closet with batteries in it 
starts alarming at the same time,  30 months wasted.    :>(

> I ran my first pump 2-1/2 years, and returned it to D with 8- alarm
> reading. The unit was 6 months out of warranty.
> They told me the case was cracked and would cost $250 for a replacement.
> I gave them my charge card # and a couple of days later they became a
> preferred provider of Humana/Employers Health, according to a letter to
> this listserv.  I was thinking about requesting a credit and asking for
> Disetronic to rebill Humana.

I would!!  I've got a bit of a balance built up with Disetronic that I 
believe they need to re-bill to Prudential.   I'll help in getting things 
straightened out, but the main responsibility lies with those who 
are supposed to do the filing.  I'm a policyholder, not the clerk for 
either Ins. Cos. or Providers.


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