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[IP] low basal ideas? (was D. vs M. pump comparison)

In his comparison of the 2 pumps, Eric Schmidt mentioned that the
D. pump's occlusion alarm might not be sensitive enuf for low-basal
folks.  That struck a chord with me.

My basal rate is relatively low (about 12u/day) and some intervals it's .3
I "believe" that on days when I wear a certain belt or pantihose (!) I'm
much morelikely to be running high bgs.  I hvae done some intersting
things to pantihose "tops" to try to reduce the "pressure" on my site, but
Eric's comment suggests that maybe the "normal" curves & bends in my
(long) tubing might restrict the flow.  

If you have a relatively low basal rate and use a D. pump, will you share
your experiences?  I wonder if shorter tubing would help/worsen the
problem ... FWIW, I mix Humalog & V. 3:1 in the pump.  I'd sure appreciate
any insights/suggestions from the list ...

Laurie Schatzberg
email @ redacted

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