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[IP] Why upgrade?, was Re: Distronic Minimed Comparison

>At the end of my 4 years with my Disetronic
>pumps, I could have chosen to have my original Disetronic pumps
>inspected and reprogrammed for 4 additional years of use, upgrade to a
>Disetronic H-Tron plus, or upgrade to a MiniMed 507C (MiniMed would take
>the Disetronic for trade-in credit).  I decided I definitely wanted to

Why upgrade?   And what were the financial impacts, if any, of each of your

In the believe-it-or-not category, the dealer/pumper who sold me my pumps
has been using the same Disetronic pump for 12 years. Would he "be upgrading
to the D-Tron?", I had asked him.  He will not be upgrading, even though all
manner of incentives would make it easy or free for him.


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