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Re: [IP] Doing CGMS in Sept., Any Advice?

On 4 Jul 00, at 7:43, email @ redacted wrote:

> take your glucose monitor and give yourself about 2 hours.  After you get
> to work or home or whatever don't change anything you normally would be
> doing or eating.  Remember to input all the information and go back in 3
> days.  It is a little more heavy than my Disetronic pump but not to much.
> The results are very interesting, good luck Tommy

That's interesting, even though you use a Disetronic pump you still 
have been able to use the Minimed CGMS.  One could get the idea 
from some posts that since you are a Disetronic Pumper you 
would be precluded from using the CGMS, but you've shown 
otherwise;  "don't change anything you normally would be doing" 
which includes pumping with a Disetronic.      ;>)


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