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Re: Re: [IP] 300 units of insulin lasting in resevoirs

On 4 Jul 00, at 8:22, Steve Cool wrote:

> Where  did  you hear that you could go 6 day? I have always been told 3
> days. Insulin will lose its potency after a while and if exposed to heat
> ect.  Besides injection sites will soon cause problems with absorbtion and
> bs will beginto rise . Steve

Where did you hear that you couldn't?      ;>)

I've always filled my cartridge with 315ml and have hardly ever had
a problem with potency, YMMV.  Besides, the insulin is exposed
to 98.6 most of the time anyway.  And my site does get changed
every three or four days, I use the Tender II which has two cannulas
for each set of tubing.  Change the cannula and leave the tubing on
the cartridge.   Just a difference in marketing is what you're
experiencing.  Do you cover your toothbrush with a full strip of
toothpaste?            ;>)


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