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Re: [IP] Disetronic v. Minimed pump comparison

That was a nice comparison between the two pumps.

Two minor additions/corrections.

The audible bolus is easy to set on the MM 508C (the most recent pump).
I have done it countless times without looking. Perhaps that feature was
changed since Eric's pump model?

Second, and perhaps even more important, the MM 508C contains a remote,
so you don't even have to touch the pump to give yourself an audible
bolus. Women especially have reported appreciating this feature (no need
to worry about the pump in indiscreet places since you can use the
remote), but I've found it very helpful as well--if the pump is in my
pocket, I simply need to hold the remote close to it, and bolus that
way--don't have to get it out of my pocket, etc. (my hands have nerve
damage, so it's tough to take things out of my pockets!)

So, all in all, an audible bolus is super easy on the new MMs.



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