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[IP] Bad C-Peptide Experience

Some of you mat recall that I wrote several weeks ago about my anxiety over
having a C-peptide test so that medicare will cover my pump supplies.
I have been on minimed 507 pump since 1997. I am totally disabled from having
all of the complications including being legally blind and
nephropathy,gastroparesis, etc. etc. My anxiety was justified. When I went to
my endo yesterday as soon as I went back to his office I asked the nurse for
the results. It was 0.7. I was horribly upset and was in tears by the time he
got in the exam room. A little history on me is that I was diagnosed at age 12
(29 yrs ago) and was in frank DKA at the time (lost 42 lbs in one month, dr.
said I looked like the walking dead) and have been in ketosis many times since
as my sugar skyrockets for no reason we can find. My sugar still goes to >600
if I take a bath too long even though I give myself a belly injection to cover
it. I have my heart set on a kidney/pancreas transplant.

To make a long story short my endo was very reassuring that the lab they used
was "crappy" and he had pts who had diabetes longer than me to have higher
results. He said I am a type 1 to the very core of my being and have always
been. he sent it to a different lab cause the other drs. noticed these kind of
results. I didnt realize how stressed I was from my condition and everything I
had always thought about my body. he said my pancreas has always been dead and
these results are not very reliable.

Can anyone relate to my reaction? or am I just too emotional about it all?
I know I am stressed cause the complications keep piling up and getting more
severe. Thanks for letting me vent all :(

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