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Re: [IP] What a day!!

   Thank YOU for sharing such honest feelings that we all too often pretend 
don't really torment each & every one of us at times. I don't have any great 
suggestions for you other than to wonder if the emotional stress of your 
family situation isn't affecting Kristina more than you might think? Just a 
thought, because when I was undergoing chemotherapy, Melissa's usual low 7 
A1Cs zoomed to 8.8 and an 8.9 three months later. She was 15 at the time, and 
I presumed she wasn't doing anything different than what she'd done the 2 
prior years, but obviously, SOMETHING caused those aberrant A1Cs ( which by 
the way did return to the low 7s 6 months later).
   I wish I could reach out & give you - and all the rest of the Ipers- who 
battle so valiantly against this "diabeastie"- a big cyber {{HUG}}. My 
Melissa made her sister's b-day cake last night (my 4th of July 
firecrackerturns 19 today & I'm having 25 people here in 2 hours - eeek!) and 
also made brownies as a treat. She checked before eating one & discovered 
that because she'd forgotten to give a temp basal after her pizza dinner, 
that she was in the high 200s! So my disciplined, responsible 17 yr old 
simply didn't eat the brownies she was craving. :-(  And to compound things, 
she forgot to do a correction in all the confusion, so 45 mins later she was 
in the mid 300s & felt awful... A HUGE correction bolus brought her down & I 
just checked & she was 135 this morning.....but if you were to observe that 
scenario from afar, it boggles the mind what our kids (and you adults) live 
with as the "norm".
    Happy Fourth of July....in the spirit of the holiday Melissa, maybe you 
could find a local teen willing to do some community service by watching your 
other kids while you take Kristina to her next appt????

Best regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom)
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