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[IP] Re: I wish my pump were a dog...

I know the "dog on a leash" analogy is just that...an analogy.  But I'm also 
getting the sense that a dog on a leash is some great, great hardship in 
life.  This is what offends me about Dr. Ponder's thinking.  Pets are 
wonderful therapy.  My pump allows me to *take* my very furry dog out on a 
leash and have some real fun.  The big brown eyes, a scamper around the 
house. It makes me laugh.  It gets me off my butt, and outside for a walk, 
which is good for both of us.  We go to parks several times a week, and have 
met countless wonderful friends.  None of which I would probably do on my own.

I do love my dogs, and only WISH I could take them to work, out to a 
restaurant etc. etc.   They DO sleep with me, go to the store, come in the 
bathroom while I shower etc.  My pets are my mental therapy, and have pulled 
me up from depression more times than I can count.

I love all my dogs, the little blue one with a clear tail...and the two very 
large white furry ones who come with me wherever I go.  Both help me live a 
better life, and are rather complementary to each other.

Let's hear it for all those loveable dogs on a leash!


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