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Re: [IP] Doing CGMS in Sept., Any Advice?

Hi Jenny, there really isn't a whole lot to do.  The endo's office will show 
you how to input the information into the machine, it is very simple.  The 
setup is painless and do keep in mind that it will take a couple of hours to 
set up.  You will need to calibrate the monitor by using your glucose 
monitor, one time as soon as the site is in place.  The monitor will count 
down from 60 to zero and then you go back in and input a new glucose reading. 
 I'm not sure why they don't just let you leave to do that.  So be sure to 
take your glucose monitor and give yourself about 2 hours.  After you get to 
work or home or whatever don't change anything you normally would be doing or 
eating.  Remember to input all the information and go back in 3 days.  It is 
a little more heavy than my Disetronic pump but not to much. The results are 
very interesting, good luck
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