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Re: [IP] Time To Change!!!

At 10:33 PM 07/03/00 George Lovelace wrote:
 >As I promised during the last New Year, this is your semi-annual
 >reminder to Change your Lancet.  We know you could go a few
 >more months on this one, but why not be extravagant.  After all,
 >you do have a few hundred in stock, don't you?  This is the second
 >notice of this Century, but lets hope that there won't be too many
 >more of these.          ;>)
 >Another reminder goes out to all the H-tron pumpers.  Disetronic
 >recommends a semi-annual switch between pumps.  It's time to
 >transfer the latest basal rates into the pump that's been in storage.
 >And don't forget, when you place your pump into storage, take out
 >BOTH of the battery sets.  Don't want to keep that clock running on
 >the unused pump.    :>)

Hey George, aren't we supposed to change them when we change the clocks?? 
Now you have me totally confused. I obviously want to do it right. Because 
a lancet is such a terrible thing to waste, I shall change no lancet before 
its time.


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