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[IP] Time To Change!!!

As I promised during the last New Year, this is your semi-annual 
reminder to Change your Lancet.  We know you could go a few 
more months on this one, but why not be extravagant.  After all, 
you do have a few hundred in stock, don't you?  This is the second 
notice of this Century, but lets hope that there won't be too many 
more of these.          ;>)

Another reminder goes out to all the H-tron pumpers.  Disetronic 
recommends a semi-annual switch between pumps.  It's time to 
transfer the latest basal rates into the pump that's been in storage. 
And don't forget, when you place your pump into storage, take out 
BOTH of the battery sets.  Don't want to keep that clock running on 
the unused pump.    :>)

Happy Pumping,

George Lovelace
The Lancet Timekeeper

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