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[IP] one hellofa day!

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Can I have 5 minutes of your time to vent PLEASE.  Woke up this morning 118.
Good I thought.  Pump site was itching me, just changed it Sat. night.  Oh
well, no big deal.  Changed the site from my arm to my leg.  Checked at
lunch and I was about 130 I think.  This evening about 5 I checked again and
I was 415!  I had nothing to eat between lunch and dinner.  I gave 7 units
figuring it might go low but at least I could get it down.  NO SUCH LUCK.
6:00 I was in the 370's!  Bolused for dinner.  At 7:00 I was 315.  So I
bolused for high bs.  Going to see the fireworks tonight I feel the drop.
Check in at 61 and dropping quickly.  Thank God for glucose tablets as we
were stuck in traffic!  Finally, I am feeling better, sit down at the
computer to check my mail and my tube gets caught on something and literally
tears itself out of my leg!  OUCH!  So here I am, mad at the world, mad at
my body for shooting high for no known reason, mad that I have to insert a
new site at midnight and get up in 2 hours to retest...I have had enough of
D for one day!!
Thank you all for understanding...

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