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Re: [IP] Doing CGMS in Sept., Any Advice?

In a message dated 07/03/2000 11:12:57 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Jeanie, Tommy, I know you've done this==anyadvice on how to get the 
 most out of it?
I did the CGMS about 10 days ago, but I just got my results this last Fri and 
I haven't posted anything about it yet, because I am still befuddled (is that 
the word I want?) about the charts and the results.

The process itself of getting hooked up and started was really not hard.  
They put the "set" in with an inserter that works just like the soft-serter, 
no biggie, didn't hurt.  I envisioned that a metal proble was implanted in 
me, like a bent needle, but when they took it out, that wasn't the case at 
all, just a plastic canula inserted at an angle like a sil.

The buttons on the CGMS are very similar to the buttons on a MM pump so they 
were very easy to understand.  They gave me a cheat sheet.  You have to enter 
in a code number when you eat (#1), when you exercise (#3).  Number 2 was 
used to enter in insulin injections, but since I was pumping they didn't have 
me do this.  All these code numbers do is enter an icon or marker on your 
graphs when you print them out.  I forgot a couple times, but just entered it 
on myself from looking at my logs.  So a meal goes like this.  Press a button 
and enter your bg, press it again to tell it you are eating, then do your 
pump stuff, then do your logging.  Kinda a lot of stuff, but worth it since 
only for a few days.  I ended up wearing overalls (short ones) so I had 
plenty of pockets to keep the stuff in.

Next part is interpreting the charts and making any sense out of what you 
find out.  Probably a good idea to eat a variety of your "easy" meals, and 
throw in a couple "pain in the a..." meals that are hard to figure out how to 
cover, like infamous pizza.

Found out that I DO NOT have a typical dawn phenomenea like a lot of pumpers 
do.  In fact, my bg falls from 4 am to 8 am when I wake, an average of 30 
pts.  However, I do have a dramatic rise in bgs the hour after waking, even 
without eating from 8-9 am.  Three days went from 65-70 at 8am to 160, 200, 
and 270 respectively at 9am and back down by 11am.  The first day I took a 
"wake up bolus" the next day a smaller one, and the third day none at all.  
Which means for me, it is necessary to take a bolus on waking instead of a 
dawn phen one.

Rest of my day was pretty unremarkable going from 65 to 150 most of the time. 
 At night time though is the bewitching hours when anything is possible.  The 
results just go to prove to me that my nights are never the same, no matter 
what I do.  Hence, I will still keep waking at 1 am and 4am to adjust.  Two 
nights at midnight I was 90.  One day I skyrocketed to 250 in 30 minutes and 
went up and down from 130 to 300 five times before 4am.  The other night I 
went to 70 and stayed there until 4am. 

It's no wonder that I could never get the nights right on MDI, I still have 
trouble now.  Maybe now the Drs and CDE's will really believe me, that it 
jumps up and down like that for no apparent reason.  It does behave better if 
I have a salad with only veggies and no fat or protein for dinner, but it's 
hard to be this "good" all the time VBG.

Best of luck.  I guess the more info the better, if only to validate that 
yes, we all are VERY different.

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