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Re:[IP] Comparing Meters and Lab Results

Hi Everyone,      I don't think that you can Really compare one Meter
reading to another, Most Meters usally read withen 10% of each other but
some even read higher then that.  But as stated before in an earlier post
you should bring your meter with you when having Labs done to see how
accurate it really is. I have done this in the past when having labs done.
Using an accu-chek complete against a lab test.   Glucose results were as
follows.   Meter 105    Lab test 104  Not bad I would say considering a
$99.00 Dollar instrument compared to a Multi thousand Dollar piece of
Equipment!!    So if anyone really Questions the reliability of their meter
then ask your Endo/CDE to add a glucose test in when you going for your
Quarterly A1C and compare the results yourself.    But Remember They can
vary By as much as 10 % so don't expect perfect readings for comparison and
as alway.    "YMMV"   Take care C J  Jutras  Lewiston,Maine    Just My $00.2
cents worth with knowone elses change added in  :o)

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