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Re: [IP] Freestyle Meter-BGs lower

<parts of original posts>
<I have compared the Accu Chek Complete with other meters and have found
the same results. It seems to be 10 to 25 points higher. When I called
Accu Chek about this, they told me that I shouldn't compare meters.
Interesting, isn't it???>
<George's response...part>
<Particularly if the meters are different in that one is calibrated for
whole blood and the other is calibrated to serum levels.   There will
always be a difference between the two, it is to be expected.  From
different websites I found "FreeStyle measures whole capillary blood
glucose and provides plasma-calibrated results"  whereas  "Accu-Chek
Complete is calibrated to
whole blood values">

Yes, George is right. I am in the process of switching from the One
Touch Profile (which measures whole blood) to the FastTake (which
measures blood plasma--at least I think I'm using the correct terms!). I
found that the FastTake always measures higher than the Profile, so I
called Lifescan. Thankfully, they were very helpful, explained the above
difference, and said that the difference in the two methods is 12%.

Here's what I do when changing meters:  for about a week, I use both of
them and keep a chart of results. That way I can start to get my psyche
used to the different readings of the two (correlating low blood sugar
numbers with symptoms, etc.). In this case, I am finding that the 12%
higher reading for FastTake is accurate, though sometimes it is less
than that, and I'm not quite sure why. What this method also does is
make sure I'm using the new meter correctly before I rely on it
exclusively (i.e., am I applying the blood correctly? etc.)

So, you may wish to call Accuchek again and hopefully you will get a
more intelligent response. My guess is that the 12% figure may work for
your case, too; but rather than guess, simply compare the two meters by
running duplicate tests for a while--then divide the higher number by
the lower to get the percentage difference.  Oh--and make sure both
meters pass the calibration tests first!

Hope this helps!


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