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[IP] re: The honeymoon is over!

"Keith Johnson" <email @ redacted>wrote:

>Well... I had an interesting few days last week. I had four bad sites in a
>row in as many days, with high BGs and cannular blood... I'm trying to
figure out why I suddenly had so much trouble.>

Keith, I think the pump fairy was out working overtime last week!!  

I've also been lucky for over a year now, and then there was last
week--while I was on a camping trip, of course.  My set came out during the
night (first time ever), then after changing to a new set I got a string of
"NO DELIVERY" messages (a very rare occurence for me).  After checking
every darn thing I could think of (and taking a shot, since my blood sugar
was 700!!!!!), I took out the new set, inserted another one, said a few
little prayers to offset the previous curses, and then checked, checked,
and checked my glucose levels (which were in good range within a few hours,
and stayed there the rest of the trip, even with s'mores!).

>Anyone have any suggestions or comforting words?

Ummmmmm....does "been there, done that" count?  Pump fairy, phases of the
moon, plain bad luck....  I don't know what causes these freaky situations,
but they occur a lot less frequently for me now that I'm pumping than when
I was on MDI.  And even with a 700 bg level, I was able to stay off the
rollercoaster of high to low to high to low to.....!  On MDI, if something
went wrong, I fought it for DAYS!

I'm just rambling here, but good luck to you, and hang in there!  Let us
know if your docs come up with some wonderful advice.  What I learned was
to make sure that I ALWAYS bring extras of EVERYTHING when I'm camping.  I
forgot to mention that I also dropped one set in the dirt of our outdoor
camp shower*.  I was VERY glad I had those extra sets with me!

;-)  Doreen in Wyoming
(who will NOT give up camping for anything the pump fairy throws my way!!!)

*  No, I can't take Sara SP's place as least self-conscious.  The outdoor
shower is surrounded by a tarp, so it's pretty private!
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