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[IP] Re: Less hypos with the pump

> Susan,

Yes, if you are vigilant about your pump you have a lot less lows.  The pump is
difficult to get used to the first month or two (it was for me anyway- especially
after being a diabetic for 19 yrs and being used to my routine).  However, once
you get established on the pump you can have so much more freedom.  For instance,
you can eat what you want almost anytime w/in reason (yes, that includes a big
snickers bar).  You can exercise w/out having to eat a bunch beforehand.  You can
sleep in late or have popcorn at the movies w/out blood sugar levels rising or
dropping too much.  The big thing w/kids is you don't inject everyday.  You
inject every 3 days (on average). It really does make life for most of us a lot
easier.  It is a big responsibiltiy though.  If your grandson is willing to take
care of it then he would probably be more pleased than with what he is going
through now. Good luck w/your decision.

> Is it true that there are less hypoglycemic episodes with a pump?   He isn't a
> pumper yet -- but
> hopefully he will be soon.  Right now we are working on the education end and
> the endo -- going ot convince him this is the best opiton -- I hope.

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