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Subject: Re: [IP] Freestyle Meter-BGs lower

 I have compared the Accu Chek Complete with other meters and have found the 
 same results. It seems to be 10 to 25 points higher. When I called Accu Chek 
 about this, they told me that I shouldn't compare meters. Interesting, isn't 

Now that is a super frightening thing!  We had been using a Dex for several 
weeks and just returned to the Accu Check (had to wait until ins. would cover 
new strips). Yesterday evening Cory played longer than normal on the 
trampoline and even though I had cut his dinner H by 1 unit and he had begun 
the activity with a reading around 240 - he began to complain of not feeling 
well and not able to walk.  I managed to get him into the house, get him 
checked and began treatment.  His meter read 45.  His b/s didn't respond too 
well right away so eventually he ended up with a 400!  At bedtime I gave him 
1 unit of H to bring that down to a safer zone and lowered his NPH by 1/2 
unit because he seems to always go low during the night.  At 1 am he was 269 
so figured that should hold him until morning.  I did intend to recheck at 3 
am but slept through it.  At 5 am he was 45 and very incoherent with glazed 
eyes.  It was alarming!!!  He has been this low on a few previous ocassions 
but never had these types of reactions.  He was very uncoperative and 
resistant to eating. When I told him I was going to have to do a glucagon 
injectin he gave in and began to take the glucose tabs. 
Is it true that there are less hypoglycemic episodes with a pump? This was so 
frightening and it seems like he is having far more of these at night than he 
ever had before. His insulin has been decreased 1 1/2 units and I will be 
decreasing it again tonight.  Any suggestions?  He isn't a pumper yet -- but 
hopefully he will be soon.  Right now we are working on the education end and 
the endo -- going ot convince him this is the best opiton -- I hope.
Grand-mom to Cory
age 10 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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