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Re: [IP] M A bracelet

Personal experience -- I was in a car accident on our way back from a wonderful week in Pagosa Springs. The EMTs NEVER looked for a MA bracelet or necklace or any such thing. 

Obviously I was conscious since I could track their behavior! I told them I was diabetic and on a pump, which BTW, never missed a click the whole time. Also asked about the IV they wanted to start to be sure it was saline only. They had trouble getting into my small and rolling veins so I checked again when they tried again in the ER. Both times they told me that it was a very good question to ask, although the practice was to use saline only now.

Spent a little time educating the ER doc and nurse about pumping and Type 2 being on a pump. 

I was more than a little thankful to have Libby at my side since fiddling with shots seemed like just a bit more than I could handle at the time -- although I know I would have if I'd still been on shots.


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