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[IP] hospital stay

Hi, my name is Barbara Allen .  I have been a D for 41 years on insulin.  Am now on 4 shots and not doing well on it or anyother way.  I am seeing an endo at the end of the month about a pump.  My regular internist thinks I should be on it.  I went to one endo and his attitude was whatever.  so am seeing another.  There is none in my county so have to go out of town.  I have gotten a lot of info and joy from your letters.  I have been in the hospital for a few surgerys over the years and have always atold them I want an endo to take care of me and have not had any problems.  I don't do anything in surgery without one.  Had an aorta replacement in 84 and triple by-pass 2 years ago.  I try to remain active and I enjoy life.  have ups and downs, but what else is new...Thank you for letting me vent.....Barb