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[IP] Insulin in Reservoirs ...

Catchin' up interesting threads here ...
> > ...can anyone give me a good MEDICAL reason why not to fill the
> > reservoir to the max each time (300 units) and change it when it runs
> > out? The insulin surely will last for that period unrefrigerated...

My experience mirrors Santana's ... I use D. pump & fill 3+ cartridges at
a time -- thereby using up a whole vial of insulin.  I store each cart. in
the fridge until I need 'em.  Each contains 315u.  When it's time to
change the cartridge (whether or not I need to change the site), I do so
-- and just keep using the cartridge until the juice-is-gone... well,
okay, until I get down to about 20-30 units.  A full cartridge lasts me
about 10 days. 

Occasionally, here in the New Mexico (USA) desert I intentionally put my
pump & tubing on the "shady" side of me ... Insulin in intended to handle
body temp well -- just not blazing heat :-)

Laurie Schatzberg
email @ redacted

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