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Re: [IP] The honeymoon is over!

I think the blood indicates absorption is not there.  I have had the same
problem before and as soon as I changed the site the readings came down.
Unfortunately, it sounds like you had several bad (blood in cannula) sites. I
can relate to not wanting to remove a site that has been good.

Sometimes, I think, we encounter weird things with our pumps.  When I first
started pumping I kept getting "do delivery" signals and my readings were very
high.  I kept changing sites ( 6 or 7 times a day!) with no expected results.
This went on until my educator suggested I had gotten a bad batch of resevoirs.
I did.  In fact, there was no lubricant in them so the plunger was not able to
move properly.  During the "what the heck" phase I was ready to throw the pump
in the garbage.  I'm glad I didn't.


Keith Johnson wrote:

>  I had four bad sites in a
> row in as many days, with high BGs and cannular blood.
> There was blood in the cannula each time, to varying degrees, with
> associated bruising and bumps after removal.My current site/set is working
> great (can I keep it for a few weeks?  :-)
> Anyone have any suggestions or comforting words?

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