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[IP] Humalog & infusion sets ...

Hello all,
For quite a while, I've been mixing Humalog & Velosulin in my
D. cartridges with 75%H and 25%V.  Before mixing, I was going to stop
using H altogether in my pump, since I seemed to need to change the
infusion sets waay too often for me ... nearly daily or every 2 days.  By
mixing, I can comfortably manage my bgs (well, mostly manage!) for 5 days
at a time.  

It's been a few years since I even attempted plain H in the pump & am
interested in folks' experiences with it.  For folks who have been pumping
since BEFORE H was available, what "site change" issues have you
encountered & overcome/worked around?  For folks who just started fresh
with H, how long can/do you leave your sets in place?

Finally, I'm wondering if I've "worn out" my preferred abdominal areas -
the subq skin has thickened some.  At my niece's suggestion, I tried my
hip/butt area once (it's more generous than my abs anyway) and liked that
it overall.  Any insights/experiences as to whether you experience
absorption differences that lead you the change your basal/bolus formulas
when you use that area instead of abs.

Well, that's more than enuf for one msg, I'm sure.  I'm reading on
browse-mode ... kudos to the list managers for giving us all these

Laurie Schatzberg
email @ redacted

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