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Re: [IP] high bg's in the night.

> email @ redacted writes:
> << Some kids go very high when their head hits the pillow because of
>  growth hormone kicking in when they go to sleep. With my daughter,
>  we compensated for this by setting a high temp basal rate on her
>  pump for a few hours when she goes to bed.  >>
> Michael,
> Do you set the temp basal rate for a certain time period at whatever
> time Lilly goes to bed?  For instance, Temp basal rate .5 for 2
> hours, bedtime 10 pm.  Next night, temp basal rate .5 for 2 hours,
> bedtime 11:30 pm?  Does a bedtime snack affect this routine at all? 
> How about no snack?

This pattern went on for almost 5 years and has recently stopped. I 
suspect she has just about reached her maximum growth -- she just 
turned 17 and started her cycle last year.

No snack. Her regular evening basals were extended until 1am so she 
would never get extra insulin before retiring. Her night time basal 
rate was started at 1am based on profiles. The Temporary rate was set 
to extend until at least 1am from whatever time she went to bed. 
which was typicall 10:30 to 12:00. the only variation in the temp 
rate was if she was either low or high the rate would be eliminated, 
reduced or increased -- this is pretty empirical so you would have to 
test this method for the individual, but usually if she was below 70 
or 80 we would skip the temp rate for a late bed time. Typical temp 
rates ran about double her evening rate. When she was younger (12, 
13) sometimes it was triple. There was one point in time where we ran 
2/u hr for a couple of months -- she grew 3 inches that year.

email @ redacted
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