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RE: [IP] NLD and plastic surgeons

Sorry I didn't write sooner.  I know we had a discussion last summer about
NLD and I went to the dermatologist about mine.  The stuff he put me on made
it sooooo much worse.  Now after going on the pump mine have gotten much
much better and I am wearing shorts again.  Too bad my lily white legs are
blinding people. (After 7 years of never seeing direct sunlight they would
be white :)  ).  Ok, as to your question of stage excising...never done it
or heard of it.  But something in your statement: "they take out a small
slice of the bad skin and sew the edges together and let it heal and
complete this process until the whole wound has been brought together and
heals" worries me.  For one, when I went to the dermatologist they took a
small sample of skin from my right leg spot and analyzed it to make sure it
wasn't something else, since mine had some other strange symptoms.  For one,
mine itches like a bug bite, or poisen oak.  The spot where they took the
sample is the only part of my NLD that hasn't healed yet.  Knowing that, I
would think, at least for me, that staged excising could be a bad idea.

Best of luck on clearing up your NLD.

Food for thought, 
-- Sherry
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