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[IP] The honeymoon is over!


I've mentioned once or twice here how lucky I've been to have had a
relatively trouble-free experience since going on the pump nearly a year
ago. No bad sites, a _little_ blood in the cannula one time without BG

Well... I had an interesting few days last week. I had four bad sites in a
row in as many days, with high BGs and cannular blood. One time got a "HI"
on my AccuChek! before I could catch the drift, which means over 570 (I
know, because I had a 570 a couple hours later). I did injections to bring
things down, and those worked OK, but I'm trying to figure out why I
suddenly had so much trouble.

There was blood in the cannula each time, to varying degrees, with
associated bruising and bumps after removal. Never had those before.

My current site/set is working great (can I keep it for a few weeks?  :-)
and it's from the same box as the previous sets, so it's probably not the
infusion sets. I tested my pump (including the lead-screw rotation test)
twice, and it claimed it felt fine. And it's working great right now.

The only other possibility is a bad bottle of insulin. But it was the second
in a batch of six, and numbers 1 and 3 were/are certainly OK. I'm gonna see
if anyone here can run a test on insulin, to see if that was a problem
(which would be a scary thing!). And I _think_ I used that bottle one time
for an injection, with success (shoulda kept better notes, I know). And bad
insulin wouldn't cause my sites to go physically bad, would they?

In any case, I'm a little trepidacious about changing my site tomorrow!

Anyone have any suggestions or comforting words? I'm gonna interrogate my
endo and diabetes health center experts Wednesday (you might know I'd start
thinking about calling them late on Friday afternoon of a five-day weekend;
and I've misplace my endo's home number), but you folks are the real

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium, Reno NV
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."
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