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Re: [IP] high bg's in the night.

Some adults who wish tehy were still growing (I'm five feet on my best days) 
go high as soon as their heads hit the pillow too.  Whether I take a nap or 
fall asleep earlier than usual I have foudn that my basal needs spike from 
that moment until about 2 or three hours later (even if its only a half hour 
nap!).  To compensate for this (when I plan to fall asleep anyway) I do a 
temp basal (if the timing is such that I only have one basal for the next few 
hours) or a square wave in the amount I want to increase my basal for the 
next few hours (from 8 am to 12 midnite my basals are set at .8 units per 
hour and then at midnite they jump to 1.3, so if I had simply used a 
temporary basal from 10 pm - 1 am of 1.2 then I would be actually lowering 
the basal from midnite to 1 am... which is why I usually do the square wave 
at night)  It usually works very well for me.  The other "fun" thing that my 
body does is that if I had any fatty/carb foods (like chinese, mexican or 
even a chocolate bar) during the day - my body seems to need extra insulin 
for the first few hours of sleep to kind of "re-digest" these annoying carbs. 
 This happens regardless of how accurately I bolused and square waved for 
them at the time of consumption.  

I offer these stories in case they help any of you figure out what happens in 
your bodies.  We are all VERY different and our bodies do very different 
things with the same foods.  Hope this helps.


<< Some kids go very high when their head hits the pillow because of 
 growth hormone kicking in when they go to sleep. With my daughter, we 
 compensated for this by setting a high temp basal rate on her pump 
 for a few hours when she goes to bed.  >> >>

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