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Re: [IP] Food Nazi Gene

Good for you and your wife.  I always get the whole run-down on how I shouldn't
eat this or that from my sister, my in-laws, and my mother no matter how many
times I explain the pump.  They always act like I'm destroying my kidneys,
circulation, and eyes.  I guess it goes back to people assuming that we are bad
diabetics when they see the pump.

"Andrew Bender, M. D." wrote:

> I guess it is pentrant in my family. After Lunch
> I ordered coffee which was incredibly expensive. They don't have just a
> coffee. they bring you French Press coffee which was great for my
> pretentious sister. It came with a little disk of chocolate shavings which
> my sister reached across to my place to take saying: "You cant eat those
> they have sugar!" My wife sitting across from her put the chocolate back in
> front of me and said he can too, he has an insulin pump.

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