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Re: [IP] 300 units of insulin lasting in resevoirs

My doc who has had a pump for well over 20 years fills his resevoir completely
and changes it after he's already gone through a cannula site.  In other words,
he starts with 300 units and a new site.  Changes the site after 3 days and
doesn't touch the resevoir.  Then when it's time to change the 2nd site he
changes his resevoir.  I have done it that way too for over a year now and have
never experienced any insulin going bad.  It saves on time too.  I would try it
and see how it works for you.

> Recently Todd wondered:
> > ...can anyone give me a good MEDICAL reason why not to fill the
> > reservoir to the max each time (300 units) and change it when it runs
> > out? The insulin surely will last for that period unrefrigerated...

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